Looks like I screwed up a bit. I did not intend for Alfie to be skinnier than before. I thought I am drawing her like I usualy am. But then I looked back at chapter 6 and DAMN she was a lot thicker than I remembered. It always takes me a while to get used to drawing Alfie and Vera after the start of a new chapter. If you look at first pages of chapter 6 she is also weirdly skinny before she fills out later.

I will draw her a little bit skinnier than before from now on (it has been 5 weeks of living on the road since we’ve last seen her.) but maybe a bit thiccer than these first four pages. There’s only so much I can do to fix them now since they are already finished, but I can pay more attention to the curves moving forward.

Also, Alfie (the character) is going to change a lot over the course of the next 7+ chapters, sooo… Hold on to your butts.