Bad news everyone! Or at least bad news for Alfie fans. Right now, with the state that my hand is in, I can’t continue working on the comic. For now

Over the last week I’ve been using my drawing hand again and… It’s been a mixed bag. I don’t want to go into medical details… Because I don’t know what’s wrong with it. There’s more diagnosin/tests to come. I’ve been told by my doctor to keep using my hand as much as I am comfortable so I am doing just that.

Between my hand and wrist getting tense and tired very quickly and me having to change the way I grip the stylus [I’ve used a dogshit spider-like deathgrip for years], I am fairly limited in what I can do. Right now I simply don’t have the manual dexterity to ink, or stamina to draw comics.

That’s why, over the last week, I’ve been putting out these illustrations in a rather simple, blocky style. That’s literally the only way I can create finished works right now. I do really like the end result, but it is born out of limitations I have right now.

Same reason why I won’t be doing any more animations anytime soon. Can’t handle using the mouse for the long periods of time.

I am getting a wrist/hand ultrasound on the 8th of april and then back to my Ortho for more diagnosin. Then probably some form of PT? Surgery? Who knows. We’ll see.

I won’t know for sure how’s the future looking before then. I am really frustrated to have to put Alfie on an indefinite hiatus this close to the end but I literally physically can’t finish it right now. Same with GrimLewd. Anything that involves inking is out of the question for now.

If I make a full recovery then this is just a small hiatus before I finish out Alfie… but I don’t? The comic is definitely getting finished, don’t worry about that. Even if I have to change the way it is drawn. We’ll see.

I hope you guys are having a good one, and I will keep you posted on the hand business.