Aaaand that’s that for this sex scene! Up next: 40+ pages of PLOT! You’re gonna get sick of it before we’re back at porn again. Goat people porn!

No Alfie next week. Last couple of week’s pages were really labour intensive and I need a break. I barely finished this page I was so tired.

Since this will be the front page for a while I think it’s a good time to address some things. There have been recurring points made in the comments as you probably have noticed. Usually I refrain from getting into the discussions because I don’t want to dissuade anybody from posting. I feel like if I started making my opinions clear it would make it harder for people who disagree with me to post. So I am not going to weigh in on all of the political points. But I do have some things to say that I think will make your discussions better and more productive.

Even at it’s worst I really like the comment section. It’s 80% good, 19% stupid and 1% shit. I don’t mind 1% of shit to get the remaining 99%. I am a big boy and I can handle criticism and stupidity. I don’t have an editor, nore beta readers etc, so I have to get feedback whenever I can. the comments section is great for it. It may not seem like it since I rarely comment but I really do take a lot of written there to heart. The criticism, even if it’s harsh or even sometimes unfair, is very welcome. I think some people take the criticism more personally than I do. You don’t have to defend my honor. I am good.

I want to write a bit about the plot now. The next couple paragharphs will contain spoilers so read them at your peril. Click below to read more:

I have a funny story for you. I think it will make you appreciate why I found the discussion of Lydia’s sudden thirst for dick so amusing. And why it would be difficult for me to discuss it before. My original plan for Lydia’s character was to have her be 100% gay. I thought it would be a nice subversion of the trope that all women in porn want dick if I had a threesome with a lesbian, bi girl and a straight guy and everybody stayed true to their orientation. I was looking forward to drawing that scene for months! But alas, that did not happen as you can see. Why? Because the story immideately after the threesome was utter shit.

A couple of weeks ago I realised that the story arc I have planned around the redwood is not going to work. I won’t go into the details as it would be too spoilery, but it was kinda shit. Horrid pacing, characters meandering with nothing to do and boring sex scenes. I tried making small fixes it for weeks untill I realiesed it all has to go. So I took a hatchet to Alfie’s side of the story. It was brutal. Lots of good ideas had to go and one of them was Lydia’s gayness.

There’s a saying in writing “You have to kill your darlings”. It means that sometimes you have to let go of a good story element in service of the overall story working better. I agonised for days over what to cut out and what to keep in the Redwood arc 2.0 and I couldn’t really find a way to keep that one intact. The new Marco/Lydia storyline is going to be much better in the long run, but damn it I am going to miss 100% gay Lydia. She’s going to forever remain in my heart haha.

So to all of the people who wanted gay Lydia and to all of those who like Bi/curious Lydia I have to say this: Yes. :D

Oh and also, there is going to be a gay female in the story. But not because you complained D:<