I have no page for you today! The root canal (and some personal issues) delayed me enough, that I’ll only be able to get one page finished this week. Should be ready tomorrow… Or on friday at worst.

In lieu of that, I have some info for you guys! I am extending Alfie for a little bit more than I thought.

Originally, the plan was for chapter 16 to be the last, super long, porn chapter. It would have had multiple sex scenes, and would have served as a big sendoff for the more explicit parts of the story.  The deeper I got into it, the more I realised that I’d rather split it into two chapters to avoid rushing the story. I’ve decided that chapter 16 will be normal length, and just focus on Marco and Lydia story. THE GOBLINING will have to wait until chapter 17.

What is THE GOBLINING? Well, you will have to wait to find out.

Here’s the new, somewhat spoilery, outline. for the rest of the series. Read at your own risk:

Chapter 16: Marco and Lydia focused


Chapter 18: Plot plot plot plot

Chapter 19: The epilogue

I estimate that we’re about 150 pages from the ending of the story. And knowing how I tend to lowball my estimates, that probably means 200 pages.