There it is! The end chapter 16.

Sorry that it took so long. I know that 1 page a week was painful to read, but it was either that or a longer hiatus.  Starting with chapter 17 I’ll be going up to two pages a week. I think that’s a good compromise between upload speed and burnout. Right now the plan is to finish the story in about 150-170 pages, which means there’s still plenty of Alfie to be done.

I plan on implementing more 3D into my workflow from now on. Which means that I should be able to churn out pages a bit faster BUT it requires a lot more time investment up front. I think I should be able to post the first page of chapter 17 on wednesday august 3rd.  Don’t worry it’s not going to look different. I’ve been using some 3D elements since the middle of this chapter and none of you noticed the difference ;)

Anyway, see ya at the beginning of chapter 17! Goblins! Chaos! Reunions! It’s going to be fun.