Aaaand this is it for chapter 7. I hope you liked it! This one was a big one in a lot of ways. It marks the end of the first half of Alfie! It was a bit heavier on plot than porn because I needed it to wrap up some plotlines and set up new ones for the second half. Next chapter we’re back to silly buggers and tits! With a side dish of plot. The second half will eventually ramp up to higher levels of DRAMA but for now we’ll be back to fun stuff.

So what now? A break! Partially because I need to rest. Partially because I need time to write and design the second part of Alfie. And partially because my personal life is about to be really weird for the next 2-3 months. Looks like I will have to move twice in that span of time… Which is a bit of a bother for somebody who works from home and requires an internet connection. Oh well.

Last year the break between chapters 5-6 was pretty long. Looks like we might have a similiar one on our hands now. BUT I don’t want to make this one completly devoid of new Alfie content. I want to redraw the first chapter of this comic, since it looks kind of shitty right now. Also┬áI want to pad out the backstory and the lore of this world by putting more single panel pages like this one inbetween chapters.

But before doing any of that I just need a break. I’ll update you guys on what’s going on sometime next week.